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Create your community and explore Meeplay's feed to stay up to date with the latest news and updates from the people who matter most to you. Follow your friends, family, favorite influencers and discover new content you'll love.

Swipe, discover and enjoy: The Feed shows you the most recent posts from the people you follow, in reverse chronological order. Plus, our smart algorithm helps you discover relevant content for your interests. Like, comment and share posts that catch your eye. Be the first to know: Stay up to date instantly with the latest news, events and updates from your friends.

Create your ideal game collection with Meeplay

Are you passionate about board games?

With Meeplay, you can not only enjoy games with your friends, but also create your own collection of board games. Organize, discover and share your passion for board games!

Like your favorite games, search for your games and save the ones you like the most in your collection. Explore Meeplay's library, find thousands of board games from different categories, mechanics and themes. Follow other players and discover what games they have in their collections.

Meeplay creation

Create your Meeplays

Get your friends together and play!

Feeling like an epic game with your friends? With Meeplay, creating games is as easy as it is fun. Forget about schedules, chat groups and tedious management: Meeplay gives you everything on a silver platter.

Create Meeplays in the blink of an eye: Explore Meeplay's library and select the game you fancy. Choose another player from the app to join the game. Choose the day and time that suits you all best. Are you playing at your house, at a friend's house or at a local? Meeplay gives you options.

Look at your statistics

Become a master of the game with Meeplay's statistics!

Do you want to take your games to the next level? Awaken your competitive side with Meeplay's statistics. Know your performance, compare yourself with your friends and discover your best strategies.

Analyze your progress in detail: Check how many games you have played in total, by game and by time period. Know your win percentage and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Discover which games are your favorites and which ones dominate you. Dive into your game statistics, such as wins, points and game time. Compete with your friends and find out who is the best player.

Meeplay's statistics are your tool to become an unstoppable player.

Meeplay statistics
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